Bone densitometry


Featuring the most recent technologies available on an ultrasound device, the Pegasus Smart estimates bone strength of the heel bone, a site well correlated with the femur/hip bone.

Exam time < 1 sec

The Pegasus Smart is a portable solution that is fast (less than 1 second for exam time), offering osteoporosis diagnosis.

Ultrasound device


The ultrasound technology is a totally radiation-free solution, providing optimal accuracy and reliability.

Portable mode

Easy to transport in portable mode, up to 300 exams can be stored on the device and later imported to a laptop, ensuring complete patient follow-up

Desktop mode

The system can be connected to a laptop computer and a printer to provide a permanent workstation that provides full access to the software and full page color reports.

Resolution 32 × 160 pixels
Storage capacity 300 exams
Fast scan (1 second)
In-vivo precision in standard mode 0.8 dB/MHz
Average ultrasound frequency 0.85 MHz