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About us

The DMS Group is composed of companies with a strong innovative potential. Foremost focused on the medical imaging industry, it is aimed to extend to new horizons these last few years. By orienting its strategy toward the future and investing in R&D, the Group aims to bring out tomorrow’s solutions.

DMS Group is present on all continents through a network of more than 140 national distributors, subsidiaries, and joint ventures.

DMS Group is quoted on the Euronext Growth market in Paris (ALDMS).

Key figures

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consolidated turnover 2022
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of turnover generated through export

Our activities

Specialized in high technology for medical diagnosis, DMS Imaging positions itself as the French leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical imaging systems dedicated to radiology, bone densitometry, and posturology.


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Financial rendez-vous

  • April 20th 2023

    Publication of Q1 2023 turnover

  • April 28th 2023

    Publication of 2022 annual results

  • July 20th 2023

    Publication of first half 2023 turnover

  • September 29th 2023

    Publication of 2023 semi-annual results

  • October 19th 2023

    Publication of Q3 2023 turnover

  • January 18th 2023

    Publication of annual turnover 2023

  • April 30th 2023

    Publication of 2023 annual results